پنج شنبه 02 مرداد ماه 1393

اصفهان به روايت تصوير

به سايت استانداري اصفهان خوش آمديد. «اقتصاد و فرهنگ، با عزم ملی و مدیریت جهادی» (اداره كل روابط عمومي استانداري اصفهان).

خبر به روايت تصوير

93/05/02  --  
استاندار اصفهان خبر داد: 80 درصد از اعتبارات بخش حوادث استان به كشاورزان اختصاص يافته است

دكتر رسول زرگرپور اظهار داشت: از 700میلیارد ریال اعتبارحوادث استان در حدود 530 میلیارد ریال به عنوان خسارت به کشاورزان پرداخت شده است كه اين ميزان، 80 درصد از اعتبارات بخش حوادث استان است.

93/05/02  --  
علي كفاشيان در ديدار با استاندار اصفهان: تأكيدات استاندار اصفهان محور كاري ما براي آينده ورزش استان خواهد بود

دكتر رسول زرگرپور در ديدار علي كفاشيان با ايشان ،بر ارتقاء كمي و كيفي فوتبال استان ، واگذاري مديريت و تكميل ورزشگاه نقش جهان به اصفهان و آمادگي استان براي ميزباني مسابقات ملي و بين المللي تاكيد نمود.

93/05/02  --  
پيش بيني راهكارهاي آبرساني به باغات ناژوان، در بازديد استانداراصفهان از اين منطقه

93/05/02  --  
استاندار اصفهان بر نوسازي و مكانيزه كردن ناوگان تاكسيراني در جهت رفاه شهروندان تأكيد نمود.

دكتر رسول زرگرپور: بايستي حركت سازمان تاكسيراني اصفهان در راستاي نوسازي و مكانيزه سازي در جهت رفاه شهروندان به صورت جدي ادامه يابد.

93/05/01  --  
متن بيانيه دكتر رسول زرگرپور استاندار اصفهان در خصوص روز جهاني قدس

به گزارش اداره كل روابط عمومي استاندري اصفهان، متن بيانيه دكتر رسول زرگرپور استاندار اصفهان در خصوص روز جهاني قدس (سوم مرداد ماه)به شرح ذيل مي باشد:

93/04/30  --  
استاندار اصفهان: بافت هاي تاريخي و كهن اصفهان، سرمايه ارزشمند ملي است

زرگرپور: بافت تاريخي و كهن اصفهان با وجود قابليت‌ها و توان بالقوه، يك سرمايه ملي به حساب مي آيد.

93/04/29  --  
دومين ديدار استاندار اصفهان و معاون اول رئيس جمهور طي 2 ماه اخير

دكتررسول زرگرپور براي دومين بار در 2 ماه گذشته، با هدف تسريع در اجراي طرح 9 ماده اي احياي حوضه ي آبريز زاينده رود با دكتر جهانگيري، ديدار و گفتگو نمود.

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جستجو در خبرها


92/09/13  --  
Esfahan Governor General expressed Esfahan's readiness for implementation of hydroelectric projects and construction of steel and alloy factories in Peshawar of Pakistan

92/09/09  --  
Esfahan Governor General meets with Russian Ambassador to Iran

Dr. Zargarpour in a meeting with Levan Jagarian, Russian ambassador to Iran, in the historical hall of Ashraf expressed pleasure with meeting him and said that Russia as a brother country has a good cooperation with Iran in political, economic and military dimensions.

92/08/29  --  
The Governor General of Esfahan: There is a strong link among the followers of divine religions in Esfahan

As reported by the Public Relations Department of Esfahan Provincial Governorship, Dr. Zargarpour in a meeting with the Armenian Archbishop and Armenians Diocesan Council of south of the country expressed pleasure with meeting them and said, "There is a strong link between people of Esfahan and Armenian community in this province and they’ve been living together peacefully since 500 years ago."

92/08/29  --  
Signing Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Cooperation between Guangdong Province of China and Esfahan

The memorandum of understanding was agreed and signed between Guangdong Province of China and Esfahan with the presence of Esfahan Deputy Governor General in Planning and Employment and Director General of Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province of China.

92/08/19  --  
Esfahan Governor General: Our 4000-year-old civilization and religious beliefs don't allow us to use weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Zargarpour stated that Iran is the first country in the world in which the followers of different religions live together peacefully and have representative in the parliament.

92/08/16  --  
Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament, Edward Ajaho, received a warm welcome from Esfahan Governor General at the pavilion of Shahid Beheshti Airport.

Speaker of Ghana’s Parliament said that Esfahan is one of the prominent hubs of history and culture of the world.

92/08/16  --  
Esfahan Governor General in a meeting with Reinhold Lopatka, State Secretary of Austria Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, emphasized on expansion of cooperation.

Dr. Zargarpour said, "It is expected from Austrian authorities to play their roles well in the region."

He added, "Iran and Austria have a long history of relations especially economic ties."

92/07/18  --  
Esfahan Governor General in a meeting with the State Secretary of Switzerland Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, requested for much contribution of this country to the removal of sanctions against

Dr. Zargapour in a meeting with Yves Rossier, Switzerland Secretary of State, requested for much contribution of this country to the removal of inhumane sanctions of the West against Iran.

92/07/17  --  
Governor General of Esfahan, Dr. Zargarpour, expressed his expectation of media; rational support, fair information and leading criticism. Esfahan deserves enjoyment of a national newspaper.

Dr. Zargarpour said, "It is expected from media to support authentic accomplished tasks and inform people fairly about these efforts and issues and convey constructive criticism."

92/07/15  --  
Visit to the third Koohrang tunnel and dam, the first visit of Esfahan Governor General to a civil project

The governor general during a visit to the construction operations of the third Koohrang tunnel and under construction dam told that it's one of the most important and effective water projects of country.

92/07/13  --  
Esfahan Governor General: The theme of Tourism and Water is a creative and innovative one

Dr. Rasoul Zargarpour said: "The theme of 2013 world tourism day as tourism and water is a creative and innovative theme and has connected water and tourism intelligently."

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